Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Hoola and some polish...

This past two weeks we've had Diego, my family's Pug, staying over while they took a new trailer on it's maiden voyage through some six states or so. Just sent Diego home last night and we replaced "his" part of the couch with another furry butt, Hoola. Our visitor for tonight is very exciting because it's a girly dog! Hark! Hoola is another one of my dear friend Linnea's babies (sister to Greta, whom you might remember from back around Valentine's Day) she really is quite a lovely little lady if I do say so myself.

Got a pedicure today, something I needed in so many ways imaginable, but mostly for the relaxation and serenity it brought to my day. They cannot however fix the ridiculous blisters ones sometimes acquires from trying to be a professional runner. On another note, this week tried to kill me and came really close, but luckily for me at least... the mission was a failure.


I love you toe polish.
xo, Me


Lauryn said...

Those are some snazzy toes lady! Lookin' good!

And what a cute house guest you had :)

mendedheart said...

Nose. Toes.

Sidney Ann said...

The bandaid the bandaid. Where does one find one on The Mainland?

Julia said...

Cute little bandaid!


Polish color please.