Saturday, January 4, 2014



Zeusybear is excited that the Home2K9 blog is resurrected, and that he gets to be a star now!

Welcome back if you're an old friend and thanks for checking us out if you're new. Our excitement and anticipation for what's ahead this year is barely containable. This year we will move from Edmonds, open a home-based, dog-focused business, and hopefully double our rescue efforts. There will be more education in store for me, more networking and lots of openness to how we can be more useful in the canine community. Our dog boarding services will be more expanded than most as we will focus on making in-home boarding accessible to the "imperfect" dogs too. With our great pack and focused energy for dogs who need help learning the basics, we can offer guests of Home2K9 Dog Retreat a chance to be better, not just boarded.

It's time we start truly living our dream and not just fitting it in around the edges of daily life. We can't do it alone so we're moving forward with faith that our willing hearts will be enough to sustain it... won't you join us for the journey? Can't wait to grow with you! XO -Cam

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