Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lucca Log: Day 2,838 of my capture.

October 16th, 2014

Suffering comes with a cost.

The terrible abuse I endure at the hands of my captors has caused me to break out in a rash numerous times. It's quite common for psychological conditions to manifest physical symptoms you know. It's been proven. Fairly certain the over-eager little Boston girl they brought in to torture me last week was responsible for tipping the scales... she was just so damn HAPPY. I don't DO happy. Anyway, it seems I have developed a staph infection that required not only an INJECTION yesterday, but also pills, creams, and ear washing for two weeks. I call it ear drowning as that seems to more accurately describe the experience.

Yesterday I was taken to the "infirmary" to undergo some skin scrapes and general prodding, which is why I now receive these horrible treatments three times a day. I'm exhausted. The infirmary trip seemed like it might present an escape opportunity, but alas, they never left me alone to find a way out. I did pass a note that had been stored in my cheek since Monday to another patient, on my way out of the building. She was some nutty young Doberman thing who talked too much, but it seemed my only chance to make a move for freedom. She had experienced a horrible atrocity and her ears were bound in double dunce caps. I guess that could explain why she had so much to say. My note informed her of the coordinates for where I'm being held, and asked that she send PETA. She seemed like a real ditz, so it might have done little good, but I shall hold out hope she at least sends more rations if nothing else. What a stupid day.

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