Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lucca Log: Day 2,844 of my capture.

October 22, 2014

I have a strategy, it's called "laying low." No puppycat survives this long in such hostile captive conditions without learning to "fly under the radar" as it were. I believe I have highly evolved strategery and skills. Even if I were to never break free, my level of suffering is most certainly less due to my innate ability to BE INVISIBLE.

There are so many captives here who call attention to themselves with dramatic outcries, physical gestures of rebellion, and general civil unrest during our allotted social time. Idiots. Guess what happens to them? Horrible things. If you publicly challenge the captors, THEY WILL WALK YOU. If you're rebellious, THEY WILL TAKE YOU RUNNING. God forbid you're mean to another captive... it's "the mill" for you! You'll be walking on that mind numbing contraption until you're too tired to remember the insults you once threw, and you'll suddenly feel like complying with everything the captors tell you. It's a trap I tell you!

I lay low so none of those terrible things happen in excess, see? If I sleep 23.5 hours a day folded in a lump of bedding, far off in a dark corner, nobody will think to walk me. Nobody will remember me for "the mill," and they sure as heck won't think I need to go RUNNING. You gotta lay low. Save your voice for when it really counts and exercise extreme, meditative self control to only show your face for meal times. Trust me.

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