Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lucca Log: Day 2,851 of my capture.

They dressed me up. 


A dino head? Seriously? Do I LOOK like a triceratops?! 

NO. I do NOT. 

"Ha ha." "SO funny." "Let's put a Dino head on the Kitty, THAT'LL be good for a laugh." Unreal the stupidity that exists around here. I shall hide in a tiny crevice until November 1st... I understand that's when costuming stops. I have crevices you know... several. You want dinosaur action? I'll give you wreckless, pea-brained, and veggie foraging . 

Wait, no, I need meat. 

Good grief. Could they seriously have gotten it any more wrong?! I'm done. So done.

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