Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lucca Log: Day 2,865 of my capture.

Why should I care? 

I don't. 

I could live like this forever if I had to. Perhaps I'll just decide to. No matter, I don't need a thing. I'm not lonely. On the contrary, I rather dislike everyone, so what am I reaching for? What do I really have to gain from blowing this tortuous popsicle stand? I have no need of bedding and I'm satisfied with my exposure to the outdoors, unless we could make that even LESS? (Without compromising my biological needs of course...) I don't require accessories or embellishments of any sort, my coat is quality, I am attractive, and I do have an allotment of at least 23 hours a day to regenerate (ie: sleep). What is this lingering longing then? 

Oh.      Right.     It's hunger. 

I'm starving to death. 

Makes sense. This is my body's survival skill, to create a global sense of desperation since I'm under-nourished and my mind struggles to keep up. 

Starving. A horrible plight. 

Well, I'm feeling too comfortable, I mean weak, to take any action right now. First a nap, then we scheme. 

Oh, trust me... I can scheme, no matter the deficit.

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