Monday, January 5, 2015

Lucca Log: Day 2,914 of my capture. Birthday.

So... Today is my birthday. I'm 8.

Another year older, and still as stuck as ever. Look at me. Frozen, frail, grey and molting. Nothing to show for my eight long years except bitter contempt for the humans who harass me day after day. Ugh.

Another hopeless year is coming to an end and still I long for Egyptian Cotton sheets instead of these cardboard and barnacle excuses for bed linens. My rations haven't increased with my years, shouldn't I have earned more for all the days of utter misery?! They let the large slobbery beasts slobber on me and my requests to be carried over wetness are routinely denied. Also, I have no toys or clothes.

Ok, I do hate clothes and I never play with those dumb toys, but still...

Enough is enough. I shall resolve to improve my situation this year, no more dormant Kitty, or "take what you can get" Kitty. I'm going to FIGHT! I'm going to forge on with renewed determination and a commitment to take action. I'm going to get what I want.


Forging goal #1: Egyptian cotton

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