Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Home2K9 Helpful Hint: One-on-one time.

It's really important that you schedule individual bonding and training time for each member of your pack. Every dog requires personal training and focused connecting time with you in order to reach his or her highest potential. Trust, loyalty and leadership, are not transferable and must be earned/established. Even if a dog trainer turns out great results training or rehabilitating your dog for two weeks, you still must do the work to maintain it, and make it matter to your dog through a relationship with them individually. Your time and attention in strengthening the bond between you and your dog one-on-one is priceless. The ability to call on your dog's best work, and to experience the best possible connection with them, depends on that time you carve out for them day to day. Take walks or go for a run with your dogs individually at times. Complete errands, hit up the pet supply store for a treat, and train them one-on-one regularly. It can be hard for some dogs to focus on new and challenging tasks with the energy and excitement of other dogs around, so make sure you're carving out space for your dog to learn and succeed in his training by not always trying to accomplish those things with other pups crashing the party. 

Some dogs really need that sweet stillness with you in order to relax and truly settle in or trust. Be sure you aren't missing out on the magical connection waiting for you both in the one-on-one time. 

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