Thursday, May 7, 2015

An open letter to Owners of Off-Leash, Uncontrolled Dogs.

Dear Ridiculous Dog Owner,

Crap happens. Dogs get out, they run off, they disobey, they require training. Whether we are in a hurry, have been trying our best to manage a behavioral issue, or are honestly clueless about what to do to "fix" our dog's behavior, these things do happen, and they're embarrassing as heck. I empathize. I don't judge you if your dog has unexpectedly bolted out the door, or headed off to follow a hair brained idea in the middle of a park for the FIRST time. Unfortunately, it could be the last time if a car hits it or it gets in a fight, you're still responsible. If it has happened before, mega shame on you this time. If you have not trained your dog, if you do not have control of your dog, YOU are the one putting your dog, AND THE REST OF SOCIETY, at risk. YOU are the one to blame for a dog fight, injury to your dog or others, developmental trauma that carries over and requires extensive rehabilitation for the dog(s), or simply the public hand smack from neighbors or Animal Control when your dog charges another dog and does not respond to your call. YOU. Not me. Not MY dogs, who are leashed, or MY dogs who are in heel position as I pass by your house. I am obeying the law, you are not.

I am not the one who is wrong for obeying leash laws, planning ahead with defensive tactics, and acting as an advocate for my dogs when your dog comes in like a bat out of hell. YOU are in the wrong for having a loose cannon, hanging out freely, waiting for an opportunity to experiment with his ego. If your dog rushes another dog, specifically *barking, *growling, *hackles up and *not responsive to your recall, YOU CAN NOT BE ANGRY IF ANOTHER OWNER DEFENDS THEMSELVES OR THEIR DOG(S). You cannot be defensive or angry that your dog has been yelled at, sprayed with an air can, kicked, or even maced by an ambushed passerby. Your dog may have just had its life SAVED by such an intervention, you do not know how safe those other dogs are that he chose to harass, nor do you know how far your dog will go in his adrenalized state. Clearly, you didn't even expect him to charge in the first place, or you would have kept him contained, correct? Common sense. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Get your dogs under control. Learn from the embarrassment and don't let it happen again. Cursing an owner who defends their dogs is useless, you have only succeeded in demonstrating where your dog's issues stem from. Leashes, collars, fences, gates, crates, these are your tools for saving your breath, and saving your dog. Please use them.


Owner who WILL kick your dog again if it means saving herself or her dog's lives, and you are welcome to do the same if ever one of MY dogs should happen to be similarly uncontrolled.

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