Saturday, February 9, 2008


I feel so much better. Not only has my body started to thank me for the delectable antibiotics I was able to begin ingesting on Wednesday, but I also had the good fortune of taking an extra day off yesterday which I cherished. My time with my sister-in-law didn't really work out and was only a 30 minute visit do to circumstances beyond her control, but I just followed my folly in the big city and enjoyed the noise for once. I'm much better at biding my time alone when I have money to blow (not something I'm proud of mind you) but I managed to step outside the "buying box" and enjoyed a few hours smelling java at Farbucks and working on a secret project. The next thing on my day off agenda was spending a night with my dear friend Jamie which was restful and easy and oh so much fun. It's a funny thing, spending time with people. You can be either completely exhausted by it or totally energized or seriously pissed off (is that just me?) and sometimes entirely unaffected. Certainly there are emotional spaces in between which cover any combination or variation on these themes, but I'm always thankful for the times when I'm just left with a little touch of sleepiness and loads of peace as I walk away. I definitely felt at peace walking away. I needed time on my own and just to recharge a bit.

I recently found this bag of VHS tapes that were unidentified and seeing as how I do not currently own a VHS player it was off to Jamie's with my bag of mystery media and identification was the name of the game last night. Turns out they were mostly recorded TV shows that must have belonged to my parents, but then amidst all that crap we discovered the video of my wedding! How funny, it's been six and a half years since I watched that tape and it was so strange to see us looking so different already. I thought it was kind of cheesy-fun to have watched that around valentines day, but as Jamie said, it's lucky we didn't just throw it out after we kept discovering all those junk tapes beforehand. So, eating teriyaki and watching forgotten videos is how the slumber party began and then we followed it up with a brand new romantic film, late night chatter, a walk around Greenlake then next day (today) and hours of sorting to bring about an organizational revolution in my dear friends microscopically small apartment. My top secret project was also completed throughout my stay and I'm now thoroughly ecstatic that I still have another day left in the weekend. Thanks Jme for having me, I enjoyed it very much!

Hans is working his butt off trying to get our old house rented/sold/leased and there will undoubtedly be more running back and forth to that location tomorrow, but I hope I get to embark on my own organizational revolution here as well. I hide it well, but we still have quite a bit of stuff around here that needs to be sorted and given a permanent resting place. And then there's always the boys, I get to spend time doing fun things with my boys... What should I teach Lucca to do next? I'm leaning towards drunk dialing his uncles or shaving. Rocko might just need to learn how to walk only on his front paws, that could be fun.

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