Friday, May 23, 2008


And the winner of the little Anthropologie prize is...

Congratulations Lorie, I hope you enjoy them! Post your email for me and I'll get in touch with you to send the little lovelies your way.

The week was very long and I'm really looking forward to three days off... words can't express how much. Hoping you all enjoy your holiday weekend, I look forward to hearing/seeing about it soon!


Scott and Lorie said...


I'm SO excited!!!!

it's my full name

at hotmail...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!=)

Colleen Sherman said...

Dang. :-( But a BIG congrats to Lorie though.

Thanks so much for the advice with the pups. It actually has really helped and the humping situation is going to be closely monitored. Rocco was our first dog ever, and we've had him since he was a puppy... so adopting a 4 year old dog (not to mention deaf) is a whole new arena for us. PLEASE feel free to leave your helpful bits of advice any time!!! They are appreciated.

Colleen Sherman said...

Hey. Thanks for your comment. Some of the best advice I've received so far.

Kyle and I decided to give it a few more days and try the stuff you said and a couple things the foster mom said. We do have a crate (that Rocco has never used, but apparently Cosmo is crate trained) and if we absolutely need to leave the house, I am going to use it. I will have it in the front office room and close the door. That way Rocco can have the backyard and living room. Unfortunately I can't bring a pup with me on some of my errands.

Thanks again. Really.