Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thank you,

Dear Stretchy Pants and Mu Shu Pork,

Thank you for being so amazingly supportive of my PMS today. It really meant a great deal for me to come home to your warmth and veggie-goodness. SP, you went all out when you called in for reinforced elastic and MSP, I never needed a pancake before and I sure as heck didn't need one tonight. Way to go guys, I couldn't ask for more. Although, cleaning up this spare bedroom would be much appreciated and we could perhaps ask the house-husband for assistance with that matter. I'm not sure what happened, but that room is just a wreck. It's worse if you stand in that one corner where the closet is and try to take a picture in the mirrored doors, but still. Mess, mess, mess. Thanks for taking care of that. When you're done, the floors need washing and there's a rim of dust I missed when I was vacuuming the other day... it's along the baseboards in the living room. Thanks guys, you're the best.



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Ashley said...

oh my god. i feel ya! i'm eating my 2nd grilled cheese right now.. i feel so fat. ugh.

always sunny said...

i am sooooo there.

Colleen Sherman said...

ohhhh yes. My yoga pants (that I've never done yoga in) are my life savers during the PMS bloating. And a little comfort food never hurt either. :-)