Monday, May 19, 2008

Trying to keep cool.

Stuck close to home yesterday, tried to recover from our ordeal and the ungodly heat of Saturday. The only outing we took was as a whole family to the bakery for a (marginal) ham and cheese croissant and coffee. Not croissants and coffee from the bakery, no. We are too picky for bakery coffee. Croissants from the bakery only. Coffee from... well... We must drive another fifteen minutes in the opposite direction of the bakery to the proper coffee "stand" (very willing to sacrifice seating and utensils for better coffee). Thus it was as a whole family that we dined in the car on our pastries and drive-thru java and then on to the garden store to dispatch the gift certificate redeemable there... which was burning a whole in my pocket. So hot. The plants we adopted were of the evergreen and shrubbery sort, meant to become a part of our privacy screen between the south-west neighbors and our kitchen/living room windows. What are their names you ask?Umm. Well. Uh... One has purple flowers, one has yellow flowers and two look like an upright seaweed salad, the blackish kind of seaweed. All are meant to become at least six feet in every direction and let us hope they are happy there and never wanting for water as I find myself slightly forgetful about these things. Many thanks to Linnea and Annmarie for the birthday giftcard which is now "planted" on my hillside! Grow little shrubs, GROW. Hide us from the spying nature of our immediate neighbors and shield us from being discovered as early morning nudists. Oh, I mean... shield me. Just me. I'm the only one.

Another method of recovery and keeping cool was the game of fetch played into the baby pool. Rocko was the most fond of this idea and made several flying leaps in to the nice refreshing body of water while Lucca just looked on longingly and yet, too afraid to try. I told you before, this boy HATES baths and the baby pool is just an outdoor bath to him.

I have to say, Lucca did seem as though he was willing to reconsider his position on water after observing Rocko's absolute euphoria over the pool/fetch hoo ha. Perhaps one day, little L can learn to view water as his friend.

Miles was a great source of entertainment when the pool was first prepared... my brilliant boy just couldn't figure out how to get the sea creatures off of the bottom. Our little beach goer is used to digging up a stick or rock from the ocean floor and then having his way with it. The pool was perplexing for it's resistance to his scavenging, but he got over it and drank loads of fresh water, something the beach cannot offer him.


Colleen Sherman said...

I LOVE the kiddy pool idea for the pups! We're gonna have to get one of those for this summer. However Rocco is a bit like Lucca... so we might be better of just shooting him with the hose when we want to get him wet and cooled off.

Oh... we're filling out an application for a rescue Boston today!! Don't know if the pup is still available, but we finally moving forward on adopting a buddy for Rocco. Finally!

Cory Smith/Good Clean Dog said...

Well, I was going to surprise you by putting a post on my blog..but it seems like maybe you need some good news. ROCKO Won the Good Clean Dog Spa Kit! Hurah! I was looking at his picture while randomly drawing a it was destiny. Send me your address at and your (I mean Rocko's) gifts and fabulous prizes will arrive at your doorstep.

Ashley said...

I'm gonna get a kiddy pool this weekend now. You know there will be photos :)

Steph Corwin said...

After seeing all your great advice to Colleen I had to come and visit your blog. This looks like so much fun! I have a scottie who LOVES to swim. This little pool seems like it would be great sunny afternoon fun for him. :)