Sunday, November 9, 2008

I found you a giveaway! (Er, um... it found me. Whatever.)

Thank goodness Rachel gave me something to post about, I'm just so uninspired without my camera! Check out Rachel's giveaway, it's a tasty lip balm bundle and I can tell you from firsthand experience that these are the best in the universe. Seriously.

Today was amazing, full of happy things. I slept a bit more than usual last night, tried a different spell. Our day included a great walk to and from the dog park where we put the dogs through their paces as trail blazers and ball catchers then we watched a rerun of Bad Boyz 2! Oh the goodness that is Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. My brother, SIL and nieces were up to the Island again for a family dinner tonight and we squirreled away the afternoon together having entirely too much fun. I received the gift of a sleeping baby across my chest for a short while and lots of giggles and chatter from that baby's big sister who is just as charming as can be. My sisters are great fun theses days and how lucky we all are to gather at my parent's cozy home time and again. I have such a wonderful family...

Now go get your lip balm on, GO!

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