Sunday, January 11, 2009


Meet Greta, she belongs to my dear friend Linnea who was great company on Saturday morning especially considering she brought yummy coffee and a late Christmas present.

Greta is a pit-mix whose story began with Linnea's step-son and continues as Linnea's most challenging project. Greta currently lives with a Corgi brother and Corgi sister, she's not anything like her siblings and Linnea is finding herself with a lovely, but speedy, clingy, all-muscle machine in need of some coaching. We had a good time introducing miss Greta to my boys and then taking a "working walk" with Greta and Linnea learning a new, better way to exercise while also establishing some leadership and both of them took to it quite quickly. Thanks again Linnea for the coffee! I really enjoyed our visit and look forward to doing it again soon!

Lucca was filled with suspicion when at first Greta wasn't warming up and would instead pounce and woof at him insecurely...
I couldn't get him to stop trying to hide behind/on/under/around/next to ME!

It took repeated efforts to convince him to not give up on Greta! Perhaps next time will be filled with more play and less interrogation.

After our company, I had a birthday party to attend!
Miles came along to celebrate our nephew Caleb's birthday at my MIL's, just down the road a bit. Happy Birthday Caleb! Your cupcakes were yummy and I'm glad you liked your flashlight with the dinosaur silhouettes.

That's the birthday boy in the middle... the one with the happy party grin. Wait, what?

Anywho, I finished my day with a massage, desperately needed and very much enjoyed. Then my man came home from a very long day of trying something new (the test I mentioned in a previous post or two) and together we decided we were done with the day much earlier than usual. On Sunday we rested more and only worked a little.

At the end of it all, at the end of the weekend, were three very tired boys and two very tired parents still wishing for two more days of freedom. Luckily, we have a short week...

Tomorrow I'll tell you about how I made a New Year's resolution after all and how it seems to have procured me a new pair of shoes and thee coolest vintage quilted jacket... resolution karma baby!

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Lauryn said...

Greta is adorable!! Look at that face :)

I am wanting a dog SO badly right now. I have my heart set on adopting a german shepherd/boxer mix eventually. So darn cute...