Sunday, March 15, 2009

Several pictures... very few words. And by "very few" I mean, a crapload.

Husband has begun using the camera more and as a result pictures of me are starting to show up. Luckily, he's also keeping true to his instruction-reading nature and has made good use of the photography books I was given for Christmas. Look how my baby admires me...

(Ha! He was just whining about something I'm sure.)

Brought home a couple of new toys for the boys on Friday and this orange ball has been the source of some serious entertainment... still trying to get "that perfect shot."

Also, check out how seriously naked my Boxer is! Oi. Believe it or not the hair is on its way back, but he looks/feels terrible right now. Damn Alopecia.

He matches the yard...

One of them (guessing Lucca based on how he hung his head in shame as I pronounced this is a "BAD, BAD THING") got into a full roll of breath mints which were strewn about the guest room when I arrived home at lunch last week. I suppose they finally took a hint and realized the halitosis needed addressing... too bad they didn't actually eat the mints though. I mean, phew! Good thing they didn't eat those probably-bad-for-doggy mints. Wink.

We've had a shortage of romance around here so our goal for this weekend was to at least have one date together. Well, one turned into FOUR and although this was only the beginning of our three-date Saturday(THREE!) I was already developing a twitch from all the lurve. This photo makes me laugh every single time I see it...

We went out for coffee and breakfast in our bedheads, had drinks later that day then dinner and shopping at Ikea (where I was wholly prepared to spend much more money than we did, what a let down). The date-day was delightful though. I love you baby, thanks for all the good lovin!


Paco said...

That orange ball picture made my day!

See Sherm Blog said...

Cute pics. :-) Poor baby with no hair. Rocco had dermetex... and it was sad to see him with missing patches of hair. Glad the hair is on its way back.

YEAH for date days! I LOVE date days.

Ashley said...

date day!!!! yay!!!!!!

ummmm that 2nd photo is my most favorite photo ever!

always sunny said...

seemed like a lot of words to me.

sarah marie p said...

Um, how hilarious is that second photo?! Oh my golly! That's awesome! Silly pup!

Awww, but photo #3 is so sad. :( Hope your baby starts feeling WAY better soon!

Hee, that last photo is adorable. It looks so vintage cool. Do you have a vintage car? For some reason the lil side mirror looks vintage-like, or maybe I'm crazy.

Yay for day date! All of your dates sound just lovely!

Oh, and one more thing -- THANK YOU! I just received your card yesterday! Thanks so much, Cam! You are the sweetest ever! That card was so cute! And I loved your rhyme! And of course, my lil prize inside! Yay! So excited! Thank you thank you! xoxo